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Detroit style deep dish – a new staple at The Red House

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Delicious crust, rich tomato sauce, stretchy cheese – pizza is one of those foods that never fails to put a smile on your face, no matter what kind you have. And there are so many different types of pizza!

The US alone claims 5 different styles, the most distinct of which are its two varieties of deep dish pizza: the Chicago-style and the Detroit-style pizzas. These culinary experiences have been gaining traction outside of America over recent years. 

And now deep dish has made its way to our kitchens (and our hearts) here at The Red House in Lilleshall. But it has left some patrons asking a few well-deserved questions about this style of pizza. 

What is deep dish pizza?

Deep dish pizza is pizza that has been made using a pan (creating a pizza with height), usually has a thicker crust and is an excellent style for anyone with a sizable appetite.

The sturdy foundations of deep dish make it a perfect vehicle for extra cheesy, saucy, topping-y flavour combinations. Deep dish pizza comes in two styles: Detroit-style and Chicago-style.

Detroit-style deep dish vs Chicago-style deep dish

First of all, not all deep dish pizza is the same. At The Red House, we have come down firmly in favour of Detroit-style pizza (sorry, Chicago).

But what exactly is the difference between Detroit-style deep dish and Chicago-style deep dish? 

Chicago-style pizza

Created in 1946 Chicago-style pizza is the originator of the deep dish style of pizza and is what most people think of first when they hear the words.

This style of deep dish ends up looking more like a pizza pie with high crust walls and several (sometimes overly) generous layers of cheese and sauce as the filling.

Detroit-style pizza

Detroit-style pizza, meanwhile, is the dark horse of the deep dish game. Although only three years younger than the Chicago-style, it was little known outside the area until the 2010s. But now it’s stealing hearts and exciting stomachs everywhere. 

Unlike the Chicago-style, Detroit-style pizza is made with a rectangular sheet pan and has a thick, airy crust reminiscent of a good focaccia. Typically, this style pizza is layered with pepperoni directly on the crust, covered in cheese and with dollops of a cooked tomato sauce on top. We couldn’t help but put our own touch on the style and arrange the ingredients in the way we feel best lets them shine.

Who invented Detroit-style deep dish pizza?

The Detroit-style pizza was created at Buddy’s Rendezvous in 1946. The former speakeasy, owned by Gus and Anna Guerra, is now an independent chain called Buddy’s Pizza which has been named one of the top five pizza restaurants by the Food Network.

The original recipe was either based off of Anna’s mother’s recipe or was a creation by Buddy’s employee Connie Piccinato. Either way, the Detroit-style pizza has clear Sicilian roots. It has ties with the Sicillian pizza style, sfincione.

Deep dish pizza at The Red House

Come savour the saucy joy that is Detroit-style deep dish pizza at The Red House. All of our classic stone baked pizzas can now be enjoyed as a Detroit-style deep pan, finished off with herby oregano and a decadent drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Try it out with our Chorizo & Nduja Cheese pizza, explore a new twist with our Barbecue Pork or stick to a Classic Margherita – no matter what flavour combos you try, we’re sure you’ll love our new Detroit-style deep dish.

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